Liberals Exposed

Imagine your dilemma if you’re a liberal and you come to the end of “The Little Red Hen” and have to tell your child that the “Greedy Little Red Hen” should get to keep her bread and not “pay her fair share” or explain why Chicken Little is foolish for believing that the sky is falling when you are sorting trash in your living room to make sure the “sky doesn’t fall” (Global warming).


Therein lies the premise of this book, Nursery Rhymes with liberal morals instead of the time test ones our grandparents taught us.  Our working title started off as, Nursery Rhymes for Children with Liberal Parents.  The subtitle was, “So THEY won’t be hypocrites when they come to the MORAL of the story.”  However, after much pondering, “What If Liberals Wrote Nursery Rhymes” was a better fit – and our vision is to grow the “What If Liberals…” brand.  Stay tuned for more new products.


In the mean time, we hope you enjoy, and buy, “What If Liberals Wrote Nursery Rhymes?