Jay Markus - What If Liberals Wrote Nursery Rhymes?

Author Jay Markus and his family.

The Story Behind “What if Liberals Wrote Nursery Rhymes?”

Several months ago I was wondering how I would support my family after being laid off from a career of 14 years. My blended family consisted of 7 kids, of which 6 are teenagers. Weeks turned into months and I still did not find work and I did not want to rely on the government. At the same time my nephew, Tyler, had just watched a special on TV on how people were able to make successful businesses starting from nothing. Tyler remembers one of the people on the special saying “You have to go out and try. If you never try you will never make it.” So Tyler was excited to try something and so he called me.

Tyler started “Uncle Jay, I want to try something, but I don’t know what I could do, do you have any ideas?”

Illustrator Tyler Markus and Family - "What If Liberals Wrote Nursery Rhymes?"

Illustrator, Tyler Markus and his family.

I responded “Well I have an idea for a political satire picture book, if you wanted to draw the pictures I could write the stories.” So over the next several months pictures and stories bounced back and forth between my nephew and me. We lived several hundred miles apart. Finally the book was done after filing all the government paper work and paying the fees to start a company we got a small business loan printed this book despite all the hurdles the government put in our path. So this is our little American dream, I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

– Jay Markus, Aug. 2012

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