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What If Liberals Wrote Nursery Rhymes?” exposes the Liberal agenda in the simplest terms.  In witty, irreverent and satirical fashion the reader is shown what would happen if Liberal ideals were applied to the classic characters in well known nursery rhymes.  These retold stories include:


Instead of the classic – Chicken Little
1.  “Chicken Little Saves the World and Gets Rich and Famous


Instead of the classic – The Little Red Hen
2.  “The Greedy Little Red Hen Pays Her Fair Share


Instead of the classic – The Boy Who Cried Wolf
3.  “The Boy Who Cried Weapons of Mass Destruction” 


Instead of the classic – The Shoemaker and the Elves
4.  “The Shoemaker and the Illegal Elves” 


Instead of the classic – The Emperor’s New Clothes
5.  “The Emperor’s New Regulations” 


Instead of the classic – The Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe
6.  “The Woman Who Entertained Gentlemen in a Shoe” 


Instead of the classic – “The Three Little Pigs”
7.  “The Three Little Pigs Find Out What the Government Can Do For Them” 


8.  Humpty Dumpty – the classic.


If you understand the humor in this book, you will have a relatively firm grasp of the political atmosphere in America in 2012.  More importantly, you will laugh and want to share the stories in the book with your friends, Democrat and Republican alike.